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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

I have no idea what distinction you're talking about. How is it not a personal action when you install an app that scrapes your contacts? Or when you put unsecured webcam footage of your friends online without their knowledge or permission?

The comic says "Don't share information you don't own without permission," but then doesn't explain how you probably already are doing that and how to stop. It provides a couple of options for basic security that mostly just protect you from having your own account data leaked, and but only obliquely mentions how you're probably freely handing over other people's personal information, no 'hacking' necessary.

How is not literally recording your visiting friends and transmitting those recordings over the internet less a "personal" action than using an insecure messaging app? How is giving someone's phone number to an individual who asks for it any qualitatively different from giving the exact same information to evite or one of those other places that collects, sells, and frequently loses that information in data breaches?

That's the data that's being mined and that's being used for predictive models used for redlining activities and exploitative marketing. (The comic does mention data mining.)

I am serious that I am not seeing what distinction you're making at all.
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