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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

It's such utter fucking bullshit. Our family was convinced that my maternal great-great grandmother was Native American, based on what my grandmother always said. It was only very recently that we found out that, while she probably believed that 100%, she was most likely wrong - we don't seem to have the DNA we should, plus there is no other evidence to corroborate it. I think my grandmother based the whole thing on her memory of what her grandma looked like.

TL;DR - Warren was probably working under the same sort of family "certainty" that I was. I bet a dollar to a donut that she was never dishonest about it whatsoever. But Agent Orange managed to twist the narrative just right, and now she has "baggage."

Hurry up, please, Mr. Mueller. Fucker needs to be forced to resign BEFORE the election, not after.
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