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Default Re: Fancying myself something of a photog

So yeah I am now the proud owner of a D3500 with an 18-55mm VR lens and a 70-300 is a photo of the azaleas using the 18-55 lens, and a photo of a tree using the 70-300mm lens at max zoom. I am using the best quality JPG settings on the camera. 6000 x 4000, and I have not processed them in any way. 14 megs each so I am not inflicting them upon your bandwidth by embedding them in this post.

After the battery is fully charged I may try some RAW format which I have never fooled with.

Camera does have a USB port and a mini HDMI port. Has Bluetooth but no WIFI but I didn't care about that. I offloaded the photos by plugging the card into a card reader I already had.

It feels good having an SLR in my hands after many years. I could probably calculate how many rolls of film and processing I could have bought for the same money and still be using the old FM-2 but then I'd have to scan them and clean them up and stuff so...

Also Best Buy had a package deal so I also got a free NIKON camera bag and something involving Shutterfly which I don't know what that is because I haven't Googled it yet.
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