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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

A scary open mouth real doll plushie, but yeah. (I kid, that's a cutie kitty!)

The puppy is good. She was abandoned we think. I got more details from Mr. Monde, and he is a sucker. He was flagged down by a couple who had the dog in an empty lot as he was coming from the highway, which is weird. We think now that they were about to dump her in the lot, but as a last ditch effort tried to flag someone down with their story. They told him that they had just found her trying to cross the street with only the leash, and were looking for the owner, (in a giant empty lot in a comercial area?) and that they couldn't keep it in the apartment that they lived. He told them how he had found the owner of the beagle boy this summer and reccomended craigslist, getting him checked for microchip, helpful hints, etc. This was responded to with a wave of excuses, no internet, no gas money, no ability to take care of the dog. They asked him to take the pup and try to find an owner. "An owner." He was hesitant, but they pressured him since he knew so much about dogs. He relented and they showered him with praises on what a good person he is and how wonderful what he was doing. And then the girl contradicted herself from earlier when she said they found her with the leash, "you can keep the leash," she said. Really?

I think Mr. Monde was hoping he could keep her, plus he was getting bad vibes from the people. We went around the area anyway to look for owners just in case. Took her to the vet to see if she had a microchip. The vet said that she was under weight, though she was really clean for a dog that would have been walking the muddy streets around here. Her paws were spotless and pink. Our dogs go outside for five minutes and need their feet cleaned. So yeah, I had to tell Mr. Monde he was suckered. We put up signs anyway, and an ad on craigslist, but a friend of ours who was wanting a pup picked her up and fell in love with her. If real owners come forward we will reunite them, but based on what he told me, I think that the jerks in the lot were the only owners. She's a sweet pup, and will have a great home regardless. I hate this economy.
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