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Default Re: Springtime for Geek Girls?

Originally Posted by BrotherMan View Post
Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
But yeah, why is that resentment almost always targeted at girls? There are probably at least as many poseur boys out there.
You've already got a bead on it, but I had to pipe in with: The girls are easier to target because most of the time they're dressed like sluts and if there's anything worse than being a nerd, that would be it. It is the exact phenomenon you see on the Reddit. Exactly.
Here's the other phenomenon, though, that exists in the same universe: Dudebros literally cannot wrap their heads around the notion that not everything that women do or wear is intended to give them boners.

A short while back, there were all these memes going around about how women should not wear oversized sunglasses because it is unattractive to them. I saw one dude on Pinterest post one, ordering women to stop wearing that kind of sunglasses because he didn't think they were flattering. That was a pretty popular sentiment on Reddit, too. It didn't seem to occur to any of them that women might wear sunglasses to shield their eyes from the sun's harmful rays, or that larger sunglasses would cover a larger field of vision, thus being more effective for that purpose. Females are too illogical to make decisions like that, AMIRITE?

And I don't want to do that thing where people accuse you of being a hypocrite because someone else in your demographic once said something other than what you're saying, but I will say that I've never seen a fight between the guys who call attention whore and the ones who chastise women for doing stuff that they don't think is sexy. So they do peacefully coexist in the same universe, if not the same specific individuals (I bet they do, though).

And maybe this actually comes back to the actual topic, but so I was a pretty cool punk rocker when I was a kid, I will have you know. And regularly--not once or twice, but a TOTAL SHITTON OF TIMES, creepy old men would stop and lecture me about my sartorial choices, informing me that they did not find them attractive.

Because yes, obviously, that teenaged girl got up this morning, donned her safety pins, arranged her magenta flophawk, and put on that leather jacket and Army boots in hopes that maybe, if she got lucky, some saggy old Republican peckerwood her father's age would get a boner from it. Because why else would she have left the house anyway? Or existed, for that matter? HUH? YOU CAN'T ANSWER THAT.

And, you know, maybe that really is a big part of it. There are really still a lot of brotatoes out there who honestly can't wrap their heads around women existing for reasons not directly relating to their dicks. So obviously, if a fe-male expresses interest in something, it must be she's just trolling for their sweet, sweet cock sauce.

And also, I will say that observing the universe of shitlordery out there makes me appreciate :fflove: all the more.
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