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Default Re: Springtime for Geek Girls?

Wait, females use eyes for some kind of vision? I thought they were there to smoulder lustfully when men lifted heavy things. You know, standard vertebrate sexual dimorphism, like peacock tailfeathers.

I have a speculative notion that the issue with people assuming girls are fake and boys are real is in no small part a population heuristic. There are no girls involved in geek activities, therefore if a girl appears to be involved it is probably some sort of trap. This is actually a really bad argument, but it's a very plausible unconscious heuristic.

To add complexity, I am assured by at least some women that they do on occasion dress with intent to "look attractive", but that doesn't mean that their purpose in then going about their daily lives is to attract men; it just means they like dressing like that. Pretty sure guys do the same thing.

But... I guess my assumption is that if someone I do not regularly fuck has dressed a given way, and it doesn't attract me, that it is almost certainly not my business, because people I'm not regularly having sex with rarely choose how to dress with specific intent to attract me, and the chances are that they've dressed in a way which suits their purposes. Heck, even if it does attract me, it's probably still none of my business.

If someone's clothes are really, really, unusual, I think it's probably silly for them to expect no one to comment at all, but it also strikes me as ludicrously rude for people to say it's not attractive. If I notice that someone has clearly put a lot of work into something, I will often comment, but I just comment on how much work it looks like, or how interesting it is. So far as I know, this doesn't offend people most of the time, and a lot of them seem to like that someone noticed. For instance, outside of some specialized circumstances, I've never seen anyone react negatively to friendly questions about a tattoo, or about nails that are painted in some way more elaborate than "solid color".
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