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Default Re: Springtime for Geek Girls?

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
Also, FOURTEEN. Adolescence is really hard and really weird. That's when you start trying to figure out in earnest what sort of a grownup you're going to be, and noticing a whole lot of things about the world that are nonsensical and stupid and evil. So it is very normal for a kid that age to reject things just because they are popular, and maybe try to carve out some sort of outsider persona. I'd argue that it's actually a good thing because it means she's observant. Stuff really does suck.
Yes, it does, but I think she should probably at least know enough about the stuff to make a reasonable determination of suckage (or at least enough to know it probably doesn't suit her tastes) rather than just assuming it sucks because other people like it. Like I said, she loved Twilight, was all over that shit, and it was so popular my 70 year old mother-in-law was a big old fan.

I understand that she's 14 and that it is a really hard and terrible age to be. You couldn't pay me to go back to middle school.

I just wish I could find anything at all that she finds enjoyable or interesting.
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