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Default Re: Springtime for Geek Girls?

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The mere fact that a lot of people were talking about it made it just too mainstream for her weird self.
Yeah, that's a thing.
It totally is a thing, but it's not always silly.
They've renamed it, but there used to be a page there called, "Tropes are not bad."

There really is a lot of shitty, watered down crap in the mainstream media, so it can make a certain type of sense to filter things that way.
Well, yes. The point of that page was about things that are no longer liked because they're popular. Ultimately, it's an outgrowth of what you are talking about. A subculture tends to reject the mainstream but maybe takes it too far. Some examples they list are things that became crap to make them more popular. Others are things that were simply embraced by a wider audience. In that case, it's not so much about liking different things, but basing what one likes on what is unknown or unpopular. It's what leads to the 'anticonformist' label. Someone who has the knee jerk reaction to dislike what's popular ends up being just as much driven by mainstream marketing as the people they claim to have separated from. I say this fully aware that I spent a large part of my life doing it, btw. I suppose it's better than following trends, though it does lead to people being more concerned with what they hate than what they like.

Also, FOURTEEN. Adolescence is really hard and really weird. That's when you start trying to figure out in earnest what sort of a grownup you're going to be, and noticing a whole lot of things about the world that are nonsensical and stupid and evil. So it is very normal for a kid that age to reject things just because they are popular, and maybe try to carve out some sort of outsider persona. I'd argue that it's actually a good thing because it means she's observant. Stuff really does suck.
Yes. The main difficulty comes in transitioning to the idea that you can take what you like from the mainstream without selling out to it.
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