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Default Re: Vive la Resistance! aka non-Trump US politics

I consider the crucial point to be that Trump has essentially taken the position that the ethical judgement of the US can be bought if the price is high enough. He justifies his rejection of the CIA conclusion, that the SA prince is certainly responsible for the murder of a journalist citizen of SA, by trying to hide it behind the lies of an inflated weaponry sale to SA and associated inflated US job loss if the sale doesn't happen. He also credits the Saudis for the crash in oil prices, which is also largely false, as if that should somehow excuse the killing of journalists even if it were true. Trump is an amoral lieing sack of shit. He has an obvious penchant for the tyrannical by his demonstrated contempt for free press, the essential underpinning of undemocracy. In order for democracy to be of any value, citizens must have some grasp of objective reality.
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