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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by chunksmediocrites View Post
Nathan J. Robinson makes a good argument as to why it is hypocritical for Sanders to retain his millions but campaign against a system that creates massive wealth inequality:
Why Bernie Sanders Should Give His Millions Away
Hmm, some of those points really don't land. "When you have millions of dollars, you could immediately better the condition of a great number of people"... yeah nah, a couple of million doesn't really go that far. I mean, later he writes "Letís say Bernie paid off a thousand peopleís medical debt." With 2 mill? Paying off $2k off each person? I thought that people suffering onerous medical debt generaly owed much more than that.

Also, the book earnings are pretty much a one off. Anyone sensible receiving that would use the bulk of it to provide future income.

Yeah, he could make better political hay from giving more away, but I'm not really seeing significant hypocrisy.
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