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Default Re: I'm a thread killing sumbitch.

Originally Posted by Ex-zombie
Have you considered the fact that what you write is so well written that I read it and think, I wish I could have said it so well. You have responded in a sensitive and thoughtful way to things I have written. What more could I ask for?
That never occurred to me at all. I think I'm such a hack and a ham sometimes.

Originally Posted by livius drusus
Congratulations, Roxy! Warren, you crazy.
SHS band came in 9th out of 10 finalists. Damn. They put on a good show. This is their first year using much in the way of props. The Band Boosters Club built a house and fence rails to simulate the "Home on the Range", which was the theme. They played music from the Disney cartoon feature of the same name, finishing off with a piece that contained the theme from the Magnificent Seven, with a bit of Aaron Copeland thrown in for good measure. They did well.

The big winner for the night was Broken Arrow... as usual. Broken Arrow High School has over 5000 students. Compare that to Sapulpa's <1200. The BAHS competition band is an elite squad composed of the best of the best. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't recruit from outside their district, I know they do for football. In one case, alumni bought a house and paid the moving expenses for a football star's single mom to get them to move into the district. Scandalous! But, it's reality in Oklahoma.
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