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Default Re: The 1001 Funniest Jokes for English-speaking Germans

84. Heinrich went to visit an old and distant friend, Adelbert, who had taken up farming in Damme, in the years since they had last visited. While being shown around the farmstead, Heinrich noted a pig following them, and that the pig had a prosthetic leg.

"Adelbert," said Heinrich, "it is unseemly and impolite to bring attention to the infirmities of others, but my curiosity has quite overwhelmed me." Blushing in shame, Heinrich continued. "This pig appears to have a prosthetic leg, and I must know of the reasons why."

Adelbert was embarrassed by his friend's outburst. After composing himself, he related the pig's heroic and loyal exploits on the farm, some of which had amazingly resulted in the saving of the lives of his family as well as his his own.

Heinrich was astounded, but affirmed that Adelbert had not explained the reason why the pig had a prosthetic leg.

"I set a firm quota for pig flesh last year, and that leg was needed to meet the quota," Adelbert explained.

Heinrich nodded with understanding, and then he and Adelbert had rather selfish and somewhat mechanical sexual relations in the well-organized barn.
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