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F.GULEN Gang occupied both the buildings of The Turkish Higher Court and the soul of justice!
Yargıtay: Polise taş atma ifade yöntemi - Güncel - arcaajans**
260 bin talebe yurtlara açıkta kaldı - Güncel - arcaajans
Yargıtay: Polise taş atma ifade yöntemi (19 Eylül 2014 16:15) ... açıklama yöntemi' olduğu kabul edildiğinden, sanığa yüklenen suçun fikir ve kanı yeni açıklama ...
From the point of Turkish Higher Court-YARGITAY that is being under the command of FETHULLAH GULEN over his PARALEL Gang you may say an“Au revoir.” to justice for YARGITAY would shook its finger not to the Secret Turco-Islamic murderer from GULEN Gang but to you!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here you are the greatest murder of the FETHULLAH GULEN Gang's crime list. The slain French bishop*case shows us a nasty misfortune in the Christianity Existence in Anatolia under the gang type administration of the Republic of Turkey. Believe me I would like if I should be able to write something good if only for one time. The slaughtering Judeo-Christians in Turkey- shifting back-and-forth between the nationalistic crimes done by the KEMALIST Red Soldiers-who owns IS BANKASI stealthily- and F. Type worldwide gang of FETHULLAH GULEN-who has got a great bank namely BANK ASYA devoted to nasty crimes-is getting steadily worse.

PAPAZI BIÇAKLATMIŞ* Şikayeti geri almak yerine tehdidi paralel yapıya karşı soruşturma yürüten Ankara Cumhuriyet Savcılığı Anayasal Düzene Karşı İşlenen Suçlar Bürosu'na savcılığa bildiren Kadiroğlu'nun başvurusu üzerine soruşturma başlatıldı. Kadiroğlu E.S.'yi şikayet ettiği dilekçesinde kadının daha önce paralel yapı adına Samsun Katolik Kilisesi'ne sızdığını, Fransız papazı bıçaklayan şahsı kendisi
In my drawing room or rather study I fulfill my duties outwardly to inform you about the crimes of Red Stalinist-KEMALIST-Soldiers and those of committed with within the worldwide crime-as spying, instigation, Islamic brain wash actions-but not my inner duties to teach you the awful asymmetric and yet semi official network availing here to eradicate the Jewish and Christian believers, and each inner duty fallen flat turns into a new risk or unhappiness which might threat all of you: good gulf Arabs, their brethren viz. innocent Jews, and all Europeans from the East or West Europe. And because of the abovementioned symptoms my articles and your appreciation could never to be balanced!
Now comes the question of Tolstoy: What must we do? With your noble permission I ask: Shall I now add much more evidence, document, proof about the well camouflaged murders?

Yours/Prof. M. Solzh Spokesman of Pro-NATO Turkish Kurdish Muslims*
*The Greatest Majority of Anatolians
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