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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Medical science: *Wahoo* We've eliminated serious diseases.
Anti-Vax: Vaccines are evil and we will blame them for everything! Did your child die? Vaccines! A slight cough? Vaccines! Broken bones? Vaccines!
Medical science: *Looks at data* no it doesn't appear that vaccines cause this, also do you want the return of iron lungs??!!
Anti-Vax: Omg why are you always defending vaccines, what do you have to hide?
If my child died the way this little boy did, it would be negligent not to consider the possibility that the shot was responsible, especially when the child had no previous health issues. Stop trying to confound the issue by saying everything is blamed on vaccines.

DTaP is the shot that killed my son. The truth must come out. I see some of the bullshit things people say, they have no clue and are brainwashed. It’s time to wake up! This disgusting vaccine issue is real and the way things are going, it’s only going to get worse for our kids. The vision I have stuck in my head of my wife running out of my son’s room screaming with him in her arms, and my daughter standing there seeing everything, is what will keep me fighting for my son. I know what happened to him. Nicholas was a happy, healthy, most-perfect son you could ask for. His autopsy was proof of that.”

“The more I think about the final results of my son’s autopsy report the more pissed off I get. To find out there was no answer, ‘no medical reason’ after going through all this is heart wrenching. With all the technology today, they can’t find out why my son unexpectedly passed away? They can find out how people died 3,000 years ago but they can’t find out how a little boy died today? Made all his well visits, was growing, had a bigger appetite then my three-year-old daughter did, perfectly healthy 20-month-old boy. Healthy heart, lungs and brain; everything about him came back healthy and normal. How does he just pass away? Cause of death: ‘Sudden Unexplained Death.’ Manner of death: ‘Natural.’ How the f… is that natural?

EXCLUSIVE: DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy
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