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Default Re: Trumphole starts another fucking fire

Originally Posted by Watser? View Post
I give a fuck about what happens with Iran
No you don't. You would happily have supported Killary's war.
You saw how happily and gungho I've been for the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under Obama. I'm sure you can find plenty of posts from me talking about how we need to boost troops there or whatever, right? Cuz I'm a happy supporter, right?

And sorry, but you don't get to just act like war with Iran was an inevitability. Your assumption is basically that Hillary is Killary, therefore she would've undone one of Obama's signature accomplishments and gone against the large majority of her party's congressional caucus because she just loves murder or some stupid shit. It's not based off of her actual statements on the issue.
But hey, you are superior. I see why you smug assholes manage to lose elections even from moronic fuckwits like Trump. You'll lose the next one too because you haven't changed a bit.
Oh look, the guy who votes for Artikel 1, which has no seats anywhere in a country with proportional representation has opinions about how to win elections. I'm sure your theories can explain the election results in the US in 2017 very well, right?

But hey, everyone knows how pure you are, and how clean your hands are. Sure, Artikel 1 hasn't accomplished jack shit for anyone, your vote for them didn't accomplish jack shit for anyone, but when it comes to electoral politics "love me, I'm a lefty".
And you still pretend the 'Russians stole the election' and that Russian influence is such a problem
I mean, we've seen all the sketchy connections between the Trump campaign and Russian agents, but it's still fake news to you. Don Jr gets an email just casually saying "part of the Russian government's support for your father" and he says "I love it!" Russia gets hundreds of millions of views on their propaganda on social media. Russia hacks US political parties and candidates, but none of these things are consequential. None of them could have swung the vote 1%.

It's hard to explain why you'd say so, other than basically Russia opposes the US, so you must defend Russia on this.
while the Israelis are controlling your government, no matter which party's in charge and even the investigation has turned up Israeli meddling. But that elephant which is in both your rooms will never get mentioned.
Russia colluding with one party, hacking our parties and candidates and election systems and widely distributing propaganda... :shrug: Can't affect the US election by 2%.

Israel can straight up "control" our government though. I mean, I know Israel punches above its weight, but...

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