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Default Re: Trumphole starts another fucking fire

Originally Posted by erimir View Post
And sorry, but you don't get to just act like war with Iran was an inevitability. Your assumption is basically that Hillary is Killary, therefore she would've undone one of Obama's signature accomplishments and gone against the large majority of her party's congressional caucus because she just loves murder or some stupid shit. It's not based off of her actual statements on the issue.
Well, of course, in 2008, Killary threatened to “totally obliterate” Iran if it attacked Israel with a nuclear weapon. Hmm! Who does that sound like, vis a vis North Korea?

Never mind that the entire idea that Iran would then, or would now, or would ever, attack Israel with a nuclear weapon is totally bonkers wackshit. Never mind that if Iran had a nuclear weapon, and did something so mad as to attack Israel with it, there would be no reason for the U.S. to respond — Israel has its own nuclear weapons, thank you very much!

But there she was, good old Killary on the campaign trail in 2008, threatening to totally obliterate another nation — which can only be construed as the obliteration of its population.

Of course, why should she care about innocent people? Her husband certainly didn’t in the 1990s when he imposed crippling sanctions on Iraq that did not dislodge Saddam Hussen but did bring untold misery, suffering and death to untold numbers of Iraqis. But who cares about them sand niggers, eh?

And of course a few years before her threat to totally obliterate a nation of innocent people, she voted FOR the war in Iraq — another testament to her total lack of judgment, her utter corruption, and her manifest unfitness for the presidency.

Please stop, Erimir. When you are in a hole, stop digging. It’s YOU and your fellow Killary supporter who gave us Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders would surely have held every blue state that Killary won last year, and it’s more than reasonable to suppose that he would have held the Rust Belt states that Killary lost and today he would be president. But no, you see, it was Killary’s turn — as decided by the allegedly neutral DNC, no less.

And Democrats wonder why they are perceived as out touch.

But go ahead and nominate another DNC-sanctioned asshole in 2020 so we can have at least eight unbroken years of Rethuglican rule and all the attendant permanent disasters that will bring.
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