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Default Re: What's for Dinner?

Originally Posted by RevDahlia
That sounds awesome.. but !!two!! habaneros?! Hope you like your food incendiary, cause those things are painfully hot. Delicious, but excruciating. Hubby, who I call Asbestos Boy, can't handle more than half of a habanero in anything. I hope you plan to wear gloves while chopping them.
I did. I actually made the paste yesterday and marinated it overnight. And I cut out most of the veins and seeds. But thing is, I decided that next time, I'm putting in another habanero, or leaving more veins and seeds.

It turned out pretty damned fabulous, but I wanted it just a little spicier.

If it were me, I'd use cotija cheese with my puerco. It's that crumbly salty sharp feta-y thing. Nummers.
Well, I tried it on corn tortillas with some Mexican muenster (because we had some), and then over rice (with cilantro and saffron, because I remembered I had saffron). I think it worked better just plain over rice, because it's pretty fatty, really. The fat just melts into the shredded pork. I cooked it about 5 hours, all wrapped up tight in the banana leaves, in the dutch oven (of course), with foil around the lid, just in case. So all the fat was absorbed right into it, and the cheese just put it over the top for me.

Wait a minute. I just got culinary props from a woman who not only serves mango lassis for breakfast, but makes her own yogurt AND her own cooking utensils. What kind of bizarre mirror-universe wormhole freakshow is this? (Is there any more Milky Way Swirl Elvis cake left, I wonder?)
Well, let's just wait and see if I actually make the lassis. The yogurt's started, but really, it's easy to make, and I won't even know if that came out till morning. Sometimes, it doesn't. Even with the temperature-controlled yogurt machine, I can still ruin it.

Awesome, there's someone else out there who uses black pepper in desserts! I put black pepper in pound cake and gingerbread and gingerbread cookies, pretty much anything spicy, but never in fruit. I bet it's terrific. (Once I put white pepper in shortbread, which also featured ginger and lime zest. I thought it was great, but it hurt everybody else's feelings.)
The trick when using pepper in desserts is not to let anyone see you do it. I put craploads of it in my oatmeal cookies, but I always make sure nobody's looking first. Man, I hope the ODB is bored enough by this nattering that he doesn't read that, because those oatmeal cookies are a part of my secret anti-donut arsenal, and I would hate to lose a tool in my fight against donuts. He hasn't bought any in probably weeks now.
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