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Default Re: What's for Dinner?

Originally Posted by lisarea
Man, I hope the ODB is bored enough by this nattering that he doesn't read that, because those oatmeal cookies are a part of my secret anti-donut arsenal, and I would hate to lose a tool in my fight against donuts. He hasn't bought any in probably weeks now.
That you know of.

Chicken enchilada casserole for dins. No Las Palamas Green Chili Enchilada Sauce here in Alabama, as the recipe calls for. Haven't made it since California, where perfect chilibeans and tri tip were also available (unrelated to the recipe in question but have the distinction of being CA-only foodstuff purchases, to the best of my knowledge), so I must make do with some Pace shit and hope it works.

Don't take yourself too seriously and I'll do the same.
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