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Default Re: What's for Dinner?

Originally Posted by RevDahlia
No recipe per se, although he does use an indecorous amount of half-and-half. It's really in the wrist. He knows exactly when to stop mashing -- after the lumps are gone and before the whole thing gets gluey from all the free starch floating around. This is a skill I have never mastered, so I make him mash.
Ah yes, that skill is a precious thing indeed. My mom has it down. Needless to say, mommy's mashed potatoes are the bestest mashed potatoes in the whole wide world.

(Although my own feta/oregano ones don't exactly suck.)

The thing for making perfect mashed potatoes is a ricer, although I've broken three and have given up in frustration. (We now use a grid masher, not that WASPy wiggly-line kind.) If anyone knows of a good, durable make of ricer, I am at your feet.
Ricers make it easy for sure. I'll check out Cook's Illustrated to see if they've done any ricer assessments. I believe everything they say, and so far I've been damn right to do so.
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