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So, I live in a cramped inner city neighborhood, where my house sits on a 'substandard sized' lot (less that 5,000 square feet). I keep my chickens contained in the back open area and the narrow walkways along either side. When the temperatures begin to rise, flies like the fact that I have nice fat birds generating maggot accommodations. The fly population booms in the early warmth of late spring.

But I've got my response. I got my bugs today. 'Fly raptors'. They are parasitic wasps which lay their eggs in maggots. They are exceeding tiny and not at all interested in humans....just fly maggots. I've been using them for several years now to decent effect (I was not the arbiter of their effectiveness, my neighbor was).

My supplier is a local gent who has developed a business around biological answers to veterinary and botanical pests. I set up an account and he regularly sends (one every three weeks during the heat) a packet of enough of the eggs to hatch out and keep my fly populations down in the hot weather coming.
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