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Greetings, FFers.

I just lost my special crossbreed hen to Death with a Fur Coat, after losing my goofy elder hen three weeks earlier. I'm facing leaving the country again, and I just don't want to fuss with arranging for care for the remaining pair. Plus, we plan on doing some roadtripping once returned from Urp and chickens would just tie us down.

So, I have arranged to have my last two hens, May & Day, who I took possession of on May Day 2016, rehomed to a suburban tender on the far side of the metropolitan area.

I'm going chook-free for the first time in more'n ten years. I had to come here and check this thread to find out when it was I started with the first trio (August '07).

I suspect it is going to take me near a year just to extract all the grid wire fencing from the back yard....
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