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Except the Birth certificate thing was about him not being eligible to be president. Unless native blood is required for something she's doing, it's all just a side tiff. One that's being handled wrong since we know that Trump will happily lie about donating money, so saying 'pay up' means nothing and saying 'oh I see you don't honor your bets' means nothing. All it means is that they're playing the Trump game.

Sure even Trump admitted he's born in the US, and yet Trump was still elected. Getting Trump to say, once, that the Birth Certificate was real didn't actually accomplish anything.

One of the things I don't think the democratic party has realized yet is that facts, figures and truth, mean absolutely nothing to a huge swath of american voters. It's all about the feeling, the emotion of the situation. Many want to *feel* like they are winning, it doesn't matter if they really are winning or not, it's all about the feeling of being on top. To knock Trump down a peg, and make his voter base shrink away from celebrating him they need to make those people feel like they backed a loser. Showing that Trump is a liar won't do that. Getting under Trumps skin, causing him to have 2am twitter emotional outbursts, showing that they can control him gets closer to things that will cause his base to shy away. A large part of conservative views is about having control, their entire platform boils down to showing they have power by exerting control over others in one way or another. (Just look at how closely 'Trump supporter' and 'Troll' go together. Trolling is all about taking power and control away from others.)
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