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Alert Re: Crumb's Game Thread

I've been pondering trying a few new games here to see how they go over. if anyone would be interested in trying any of these please let me know. These are the three I think might work bast as forum games.

Alibi - Deduction game using cards like Clue, but without any board or movement mechanic. Players ask questions, pass cards, match sets and make deductions.

Code 777 -Mathematical deduction game where players ask questions about what numbers the others can see in order to figure out what their number are (that they cannot see).

Dixit -A lighter game we would play with smilies. The real game uses artful cards. Each player takes a turn being the "storyteller" and post a sentence related to one of their smilies. All other players throw on of their smilies in that most closely matches the sentence. Then the other players guess which smiley was the storytellers. Players get points for getting the right smiley and for getting other players to choose their smiley. The storyteller gets points for getting some, but not all of the players to guess the right smiley.

Anyone interested in trying one of these. Code 777 is the one I am the least familiar with.
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