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The Public Coitus based on the public coitus or rather the proposed root for the exclamations in the sexology "ah" or "oh" and mating open to be peeped, the "peep" (also pronounced "peek") can also refer to the sound made by a male, when he takes an aroused interest in a female. The peep can be also called a "pee" or "pee-pee" and refers to a female's sexual response. For more details on the peep, visit the Sexual Psychology section of this website.

Pee in a Jar

For those of you who do not know, a pee-in-a-jar is a sexual position that involves the male sitting or lying down with a closed, glass-like jar or container on the ground. The male opens the jar lid and the female then climbs inside and then has her pee in it. The woman is then lifted off the ground. In many cases the penis is pushed inside the jar as the female climbs in.

The "pee-in-a-jar" is a variation of the "pecker in a vagina" (or the "pee in the jar") position. Both are also known as the "pecker in the pussy" position. The female has no idea where her pee goes.
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