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Default Re: Bend Over, Facebook is Back

Indeed, I was trying to figure out why I quite like the old forum experience but hate facebook, besides just being old in internet years and one thing that dawned on me was forum topics. On FF I can ignore a thread or focus on thread, or more importantly ignore a thrad for now and then binge through it later. On facebook it's just this constantly forward crawl of disparate things. I've been convinced for awhile that facebook is purposefully designed to have shit comment threads, to be worse than old forums on finding, replying, linking etc, old comments. Old comments don't drive the feed forward, old comments allow you to hash things out instead of post, feel good about your hottake and then move on to engage in more metrics which produce data points to be sold.

Then there's the nagging feeling of needing my defenses always up because facebook will interject. That facebook itself tries to insert itself into your friends circle, "How do you do fellow kids? How do you like that latest TOY AND OR GAME today? You should interact more with NAME HERE , they would really like to hear about your support for DAY OF ACTION. Smiley face, winkey emoji. Have you wished DEAD FRIEND HERE a happy birthday?"
Check out Sally's new dog! Here's Jack's opinion of bread with raisins in it! Tim would like to remind you the president is a moron! Boogie would like to know if you are going to the Pumpkin dance! Find out these three tips for cooking Pumkin seeds. Sally hates dog poop. Only basic bitches order Pumpkin spice latte! Trump laughs at raped woman, sign this petition to feel better about it! Make Pumpkin spice latte at home! Mind blown, did you know there's no Pumpkin in pumpkin spice. and on and on and on.

There's no way to make your own choices, to choose to read about Sally's Dog, or the current meaningless norm battles, or politics, it's just kinda all vomited at you at once and then scrolls on by with the most shallowest of replies before it scrolls off the screen for the next thing to get x emotion at. The shit of the thing is that the system design provides a hiding spot, an excuse, for what is considered a type of manipulation tactic if it was coming from a single human. A way of controlling the subjects emotions so that they will tire and give in, and the more facebook fights against any changes to this the more I've been coming to the conclusion they in fact know this and are doing it on purpose.
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