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Default Re: Bend Over, Facebook is Back

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
Facebook is ruining humans in ways we haven't even begun to quantify.

Facebook is not what social networks are. Real social networks are incredibly complex, nuanced systems that have evolved over all of human history, and they're full of rules we can't even articulate, but that people understand intuitively.

Zuckerberg is not by any real measure a real adult human. He has virtually no real life experience. He grew up a spoiled, sheltered child, was sent to an Ivy league school, where he accidentally stumbled on something that made him mega-wealthy and powerful while he was still a spoiled, sheltered child with no real life experience. Facebook was not an original concept at the time, and it wasn't technologically innovative. He didn't earn that. He just got really really lucky, and he got really really rich before he even had started trying to be a grownup. So he is stunted. He is still a spoiled little child, and he has no concept of how little he knows about anything.

Mark Zuckerberg has never applied for a job or had a boss. He's never worried about paying his bills or finding a place to live or getting health care or any of those things that normal adult humans have had to worry about. He has never had to make a personal budget. He doesn't cook his own meals or do his own laundry, and he's probably never had to. He has an annual budget of $10,000,000 just for personal security. He doesn't really even have a normal Facebook account.

So he sees normal human experiences and social norms, and he literally doesn't understand them. He doesn't know what they're for, so he, being spoiled and self-centered and very very lucky, decides they're useless because he doesn't need them, and decides to get rid of them. And people just go along with it, maybe because of social pressure, maybe because they're just not really thinking it through, maybe because, like Zuckerberg himself, they're 13 years old emotionally because, unlike Zuckerberg, they're 13 years old chronologically.

Humans don't have the capacity to stay in regular personal contact with hundreds of people at a time. We don't, in real life, keep up with the ongoing life events of every former classmate, coworker, every distant relative, with friends of friends and people we know from various interest groups. Because we don't have the intellectual or emotional capacity to live through all those life events in real time. In the real world, maybe you run into someone you knew from high school or college every now and again and they catch you up on who has died, who got married, divorced, sick, etc., but we're really only built to keep up with that sort of thing in real time with a limited number of people. We're social animals, but we're naturally smart about it. Facebook is stupid.

And our social networks in real life aren't linear. We have different friend groups that we share different interests with, we have different levels of disclosure for different people, and that's not linear either. And we have individual guidelines, too. Maybe we can talk about super-personal medical stuff with this person, but don't talk about politics, we have individual off-limits topics for specific people, and we have weird limited purpose friendships even, like someone you don't really know that well personally, but you have a shared interest in a specific topic that other people aren't interested in, but you can go on about for hours with that one person.

Facebook doesn't understand that, and it doesn't allow for that. Facebook dumbs down everything to the lowest common denominator, and it's making people stupid.

Facebook is bad for humans and it's bad for humanity.
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