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I am driving through a town, it is a two-lane road. In the center of the town there are two roundabouts at each end of a block of the road, the street between them divided with diagonal parking on both sides of each lane. I'm looking for a place to park. I miss a space, but because of traffic behind me, I cannot back up to park there, I have to drive on to the next roundabout. Lather. Rinse. Repeat several times. Finally, I park in the center section, get out and begin to walk across the street. Getting out of an old late 1960s model Ford pickup is my old boss from the late 1970, Tom, the lab manager. Tom is lighting up his ever-present pipe, recognizes me and says in his usually monotone, "Parking in this town is a bit weird." "Tom, long time, no see. You're looking good, you look just like you did 30 years ago." "Mmm-hmmm." Actually, he looked younger than he did 30 years ago. He looked like he might have been 30 years old, not 45-50 as he was when I worked for him. I'm looking him over like something is wrong because something just wasn't right. I mean I recognized him, and he me, but his lack of gray hair or something was making me feel uneasy. That was it, all I remember.
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