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Default Re: Explosion at Ariana Grande concert in UK

We need a tough response to terror | Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

From the linkWhen accused of seeking political capital from terrorist outrages, politicians explain that their job is to “express public outrage and show that something is being done”. That is cynical. Mancunians this week expressed grief, not outrage. A leader’s job is to allay rather than promote public anxiety. It is to minimise rather than propagate the impact of an incident.

... There was murmured talk of states of emergency and of suspended election campaigns. Armed troops were deployed in British cities. Parliament is shut down. Buckingham Palace’s guard is not changed. This is a statist response on a par with Tony Blair’s deployment of Scimitar tanks to Heathrow in 2003 as a “deterrent to terrorism.” The sole consequence was an instant, multimillion-pound hit to the tourist industry.
... it's just an idea
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