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Default Re: Explosion at Ariana Grande concert in UK

Salman Abedi wasn't a lone wolf — he was a known wolf, and the Muslim community tried to warn us about him | The Independent

Muddassar Ahmed asks some important questions about the British government's commitment to preventing terrorist outrages.

From the linkLet it not be said that Muslims didn’t cooperate with the authorities to report Abedi. Abedi flew a black Jihadi flag out of his window in Manchester. He was banned from his mosque. His Imam reported him. His family reported him. His friends reported him. He wasn’t a lone wolf – he was a known wolf. But MI5 didn’t stop him. Not because they didn’t want to: because they are being run on a shoestring, while Whitehall spends taxpayers’ money on propping up friends in Libya.

... do the victims’ families have a right to an explanation of why the warnings were not heard?
... it's just an idea
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