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Originally Posted by curses View Post
I got Horizon Zero Dawn instead of Mass Effect.
I don't have a PS4, but I'm gonna say you made the right call. Mass Effect Andromeda didn't deserve all the infantile bullshit that was shoveled its way, but the game was quite a disappointment nonetheless, especially from a story telling standpoint. Some pretty impressive investigative reporting on Kotaku's part revealed a highly troubled development history that resulted in a game that was in the works for five years actually being cobbled together in about fifteen months, which is nowhere near enough time for a game this size. I generally agree with the Metacritic aggregate scores, which range from the low to mid 70s.

Since the release, EA closed the Bioware studio that developed ME:A and placed the whole Mass Effect franchise on hold. It appears likely that there'll be no single-player DLC at all.

That said, I'm finding the online multiplayer every bit as addictive as the ME:3 multiplayer. Bioware continues to provide regular support for multiplayer, although how long that continues is anyone's guess considering the relatively small player base.

Just downloaded Warframe, a free-to-play third-person shooter from a small Canadian developer that gotten huge over the four years it's been around. I've played just enough to realize how little I know, but the gameplay is compelling enough that I want to continue.
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