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Default Re: Puerto Rico fuckery deserves its own thrad

Who could have foreseen this?

So then, to recap:

- Shortly after the hurricane, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority awards a $300 million no-bid contract for electric power distribution system repair to a company that might as well be called Two Dudes from Montana, since the company has only two full time employees.

- The CEO of Two Dudes from Montana is buds with Trump's Secretary of the Interior. But that had nothing to do with the $300 million no-bid contract. No, sir. Nothing at all.

- The CEO's wife, a full-time nurse practitioner, is listed as a manager of Two Dudes. That resulted in Two Dudes receiving "economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business" status in connection with an Energy Department contract it won in back in July for a transmission line repair in Arizona.

- Faced with increasingly negative coverage over the buffoonish incompetence with which the agency is doing its job, PREPA cancels the $300 million no-bid contract with Two Dudes.

- As of yesterday morning, over seven weeks after the goddamn hurricane, electric power capacity was up to a whopping 43%.

- But then a major component of the system failed, dropping capacity back to 18%.

- Two Dudes repaired the component that failed.

- However, the work of Two Dudes had nothing whatsoever to do with the failure. No, sir. Nothing at all.
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