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Default Re: General LGBTQIA issues thread

Auntie Tom, perhaps?

Trustee, maybe? Oops. Spoke too soon.

I do not have as many gay friends as I once did, the ones I do have are either catholic or baptists who claim that they are against gay marriage. Even the black one at work. I know it is bigoted to say so, but how can a gay black man be against civil rights for gays?

My attitude towards gays, even back when I was a Christian was always along the lines of "none of my business....more girls for me." I also found some of them helpful when I was choosing a wardrobe that attracted girls. On an idividiual basis, I find homosexuals to be just as likely as anyone else to be any adjective you can use
to describe a human.

With this exception: they seem to be less annoying than extreme believers in some exclusionary moral rules structure like Christianity. On the average, I mean. I find some wonderful and some despicable folks in every group.

Never heard of a bunch of homosexuals getting together to execute heretics, though.

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