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Default Re: General LGBTQIA issues thread

Oh, darn. I just realized that I left out most of the people in the letter soup in the op.

In my limited experience with lesbians, I found them to be just as normal as any other woman who I can never sleep with (which is to say "somewhat more normal than the ones who might consider sleeping with me.") I never felt threatened by them, because in my small city, the only lesbians I meet are either so beautiful that I would have no chance even if they were straight, or so unattractive to me that it would never be an issue.

The sad part is that where I live, transgendered folks are literally putting themselves in danger just by expressing who they are. I mean real danger. I would like to think that tis town has gotten better since my friend willy was found lying dead in a ditch in the eighties, and the police didn't seem to care about whether they ever found the killer. It is just that I have no data to back it up. Today in Lafayette it is somewhat difficult to find a man in a dress unless the fellow is a middle aged comic or something. Gays, we got. Transsexuals, not so much. I guess they got tired of the institutionalized hatred. Cannot for a moment blame them.
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