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Default Re: Selling Jellystone: Liquidating Public Lands, These Guys Are Serious

My guess is the sell off of public lands will go ahead with barely a sidewise glance. Outrage overload. Just another swimmer in the baitfish ball of things that shouldn't be happening, but are happening nonetheless.

Trump's order on national monuments decried as corporate a give-away
President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday that gives the U.S. Department of the Interior only 120 days to file a report evaluating two decades’ worth of national monument designations, even though most of the designations under the Antiquities Act were the culmination of years of public outreach and negotiation.
The Interior Department will submit an initial 45-day review that will focus on the status of the Bears Ears National Monument Designation in Utah, while the full report will look at all of the national monuments designations since January 1, 1996.
4 things you need to know about Trump's attack on National Parks and Monuments

Every indication is that the administration’s “review” will conclude that there is too much protected public land in the country. The Republican Party platform called for turning over public lands to states, and, as a candidate, Donald Trump repeatedly said we need to drill and dig more fossil fuels from U.S. lands.
But many people don’t even know what the Antiquities Act does
and then they tell you
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