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Default Re: Team FF, UNITE!

I’m extremely lazy about deleting spam and also about manually activating people’s accounts, so what I did on my own board was left it basically open for anyone who could access the site to register, but I blocked certain countries from even being able to access the board through, IIRC, robots.txt. IIRC it was mostly China and Vietnam that were responsible for some 95% of the spam or something. I don’t think we received a single spambot for some five years, though they’ve started trickling in again.

Of course, this means people in those countries can’t access the site, so it probably wouldn’t be a solution ideal for this place.

I’d probably be willing to delete spam from time to time if needed. It might be a better approach than manually activating accounts. Let’s be honest: if your account doesn’t get activated within a day or two, you’re liable to forget about a board even existing. The ones like Limoncello who stick around are rare indeed.

I might have more to say at some point, but it’s 5am, which raises the question: why am I actually up? (On one level, I know the answer: I’ve been encoding Marathon gameplay videos for my YouTube channel. But still: why this late? Fuck it. I’m off to sleep. Hopefully.)

(Edited to note the irony of two ostensibly communist countries being responsible for so much spam. I think Russia might’ve been the third country I forgot about.)
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