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Default Re: Aftermath - Post Midterm Elections in the US

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
We have some local races where candidates don't list their party affiliations, and the result is everyone saying that they are pro-family and want a healthy economy, peppered with some dogwhistle sometimes. Unless they get super-nasty and high profile, you can't really tell what the candidates stand for.

I hate families and economies.
Which is why intense campaigns tend to get super-nasty and high profile, particularly if there is an asymmetric power distribution.

Yes, we have 'non-partisan' races around here, too. I actually ran as a political candidate for one, once. Anyway, non-partisan candidates can be just as monumental fuckwits as partisan candidates. At present, I am attempting to unseat one who represents me in a metropolitan level government council position (roughly the same position I ran for forty years back). He built his career on land use legal issues and then sold out to special interests once elected (hotels/convention development). He is a sell-out; a classic example.
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