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Default Re: Conservatives say stupid shit

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Explain why it matters the reason why someone that killed another person, if the reason is malicious regardless.

A murder is a murder. A person is dead.

A lynching is something else. A person is dead, and a message has been sent.
Right, you want harsher punishment for thought crime.
First, I don't think I ever said that I support hate crimes legislation (in fact, however, I do), so I'm not sure why you assumed that I had to support the idea in order to be able to explain it.

Second, no, what I "want" (or, rather, what I understand to be the point of hate crime legislation) is for their to be a recognition of and a penalty for the fact that, implicit in every lynching, is a death threat aimed at every member of the targeted group.

Should it be illegal to make death threats?
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