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Default Re: Well, It Looks Like I'm Going to Have to buy Skyrim ... Again

As such, I wish you had the ability to refuse quests and not have them cluttering up your menu. I am NOT going to join the Thieves Guild, and I most definitely am never going to betray and murder a friend in order to join Boethiah's little cult.
The same mod author that made the Thieves Guild start optional also did a mod that affected pretty much every quest in the basic game and IIRC Dawnguard. (Never saw if Dragonborn got the same treatment.) Basically, if you don't give some assent to the questgiver, it won't show up in your journal, though you would have the option to do it later, though you might have to do some legwork. A lot of times, the quests that start without a quest giver, like many of the Daedric ones, the mod just gave you a map marker instead.

Like you, I refused to to do Boethiah's quest and before the mod, discovered you could avoid the cultist by never entering an outdoor cell while at level 30, I'd powerlevel crafting or something to just skip that level so the game couldn't spawn the cultist.
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