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Default Re: Well, It Looks Like I'm Going to Have to buy Skyrim ... Again

I think a lot of it just laziness on the part of Bethesda. They admitted to removing levitation after Morrowind because it was just sooo hard designing dungeons when players weren't limited in their movement. Then after Oblivion, they removed Acrobatics and we end up with completely linear dungeons instead of the genuinely fun sprawls of earlier games.

They want to make the world dynamic so they rely on scripted events because that's easier to code, but the scripted events only work if you approach in exactly the manner and direction that the devs thought you would, the end result being immersion breaking when you suddenly see the puppet strings.

They want to make the world big so they don't have any restrictions on faction membership because now you can do all four guild questlines so each one can be smaller, but then they don't bother to code how this stuff interacts. Each questline just dead ends with you supposedly in charge but they don't bother to do much past that. The radiant quests were a step in the right direction but only before you reach the top and they tended to break pretty frequently at any rate.

They made the world big, but did so by making it shallow. However, I've always felt that a lot of the blame has to fall on whoever decided to go with the gimmick release date that probably prevented the devs from having enough time to do better.
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