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Default Re: Well, It Looks Like I'm Going to Have to buy Skyrim ... Again

The only thought I have right now is how disappointed yet unsurprised I am that mods aren't coming to PS4. I expect XBox to go the same way. If I were you I'd get the PC. This won't be the only console disappointment that will happen, that's almost a given.

But yeah Morrowind is easily the best Elder Scrolls title, IMO. One of the things that makes it great, and I hope this is preserved in the updated versions, is that some of the races look less human. The Argonians looked much more reptile like in the original, they had a different gait than a humanoid, and were just...better looking. Morrowind itself looked more like a more alien place, not so "pretend this doesn't look like Europe".

IIRC there was some sort of issue with the fan reskins..or remakes..not sure what to call them. I think Bethesda was reluctant to release some of the code. I wonder whatever became of that..
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