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Default Re: Bend Over, Facebook is Back

Originally Posted by viscousmemories View Post
Originally Posted by Ensign Steve View Post
Mine was also checked, and when I unchecked it, it warned me that I would be losing out on some awesome internet experiences and that my friends would probably just share my information anyway so why bother.
Thanks for that. After reading this I dug through their FAQ and found that the only way to prevent your friends from sharing your info with these apps is to block each individual app that Fb is a "partner" with. Right now that's apparently just Microsoft Docs, Pandora and Yelp! but I assume they'll add more (and consequently make the users check the list regularly and manually block the apps to prevent their friends from sharing their information).

This shit should seriously be illegal.
Well, I am certainly glad I do not nor do I ever intend to have a Facebook account. If this is how their treat the privacy rights of their users, I want absolutely nothing to do with them. Their conduct in this situation should be considered illegal.

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