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Default Re: Beulah, Make Me a Veggie Burger

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
I haven't made veggie burgers before (at least not in recent decades), so I don't have any recipes, but I love veggie burgers and eat them a lot; and these two look good, so I want you to try them and report back.

Anyone have the "secret" recipe of the Morning Star veggie burgers? - Yahoo! Answers

Morgan's Veggie Patties Recipe : Guy Fieri : Food Network
Reporting back. I made the wannabe Morning Star one and although the flavor was excellent, the texture was mushy. If I make them again, I'll do a very flat crispelle type thing so there's at least as much external crunchiness as there is internal softness. I made the patties and refrigerated them for a couple of hours so they stayed together while I was cooking them, but they definitely want to crumble and fall apart. I found myself sort of squishing them together with the spatula as they cooked to ensure they didn't break up.
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