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Default Re: Podcasts that are totally obscure and worth listening to

So, I just realized it's been 6 months since Point of Inquiry published their last episode. I realized this because I wanted to look up the book being plugged on Inquiring Minds and accidentally typed the former name. PoI has had its ups and downs, it was probably the best when Chris Mooney and Indre Viskontas were co-hosts.

When the last long term sets of hosts left in 2017, CFI seemed to struggle with finding new hosts, announcing new hosts and then promptly backing off. The interim host seems to have stopped. I didn't really notice it had dropped out. I had started tuning it out a few years earlier. The hosts seemed to get more political than scientific, and I didn't really like Josh Szeps' politics.

(Chris and Indre left PoI in 2013 and created Inquiring Minds, which is still going strong - with Indre and Kishore Hari now. )
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