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Default Re: I Admit I Am Powerless Against Sriracha

:psst:I think you mean tow-headed, Demi.

I would not be (unintentionally) nonchalant about just eating a whole pepper in a single bite even if it was merely a spicier-than-average jalapeņo. I'm not actually that hardcore.

If I were trying to show how hardcore I am and therefore suppressing my reaction, I could handle a lot hotter than a jalapeņo without reacting too much.

This site has Scoville scores for a variety of hot sauces: Official Scott Roberts Web Site - Scoville Scale for Hot Sauces and Hot Peppers

For example, I accidentally drenched half a burrito in El Yucateco Red Chile Habanero hot sauce... I was able continue eating it, but I definitely did not appreciate having that much. I did eventually put more on the other half of my burrito (and more carefully), but I waited awhile.

Anyway, I'm definitely not a chilihead, because that's towards the bottom of his scale. But considering that the "Fire" sauce at Taco Bell is supposed to be considered "hot" and it's less than 1/10th the Scovilles, I think I'm still well above the average American. It's gotta be habanero-based before I'd consider calling a sauce "fire."

What would be cool is some kind of map of the heat-tolerance of places around the world. Not sure how you'd want to ask the question. In the US I guess it would be easy to use Tabasco and some other well-known sauces as a reference.
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