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Default Re: Bend Over, Facebook is Back

I was going to say something but I forgot.

Oh yeah, I recently was "upgraded" to Office 2013. One day at work they decided I was too productive and shoved a massive upgrade to my PC remotely, made me reboot, and go through some updates.

So what's the point? Right. In outlook, Microsoft has added a little Bing Maps bar. They already had the photos and social updates thing on the bottom that shows photos and activities of the people associated with a specific email. But work blocks that stuff so it only shows your title and a bunch of creepy faceless avatars. But the bing maps bar works. It takes your contact info and shows people where you're located based on the address in your signature.

It's not like you can't just take the signature info and map it anyway, but one more tiny step to the borg we go. If I was set up at home with outlook someone could map where I live, click on my picture, and see where my phone has me located. Or if I've posted dinner on facebook, it would let you know on email.

It used to be you could get a restraining order for that sort of thing.
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