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Originally Posted by specious_reasons View Post
From what little facts I gleaned, Coulter had a reserved seat, which she reserved for a specific reason, and possibly for a higher price. In a typical dick move by the airline, they changed her seat without explanation (and possibly without compensation). I'd be mad, too. I might even complain on Twitter.
Yeah, I'm right there with you and that's why I didn't post the stinky clickbait story I was skyped, because it was... so bad and mad more about the OMG FLAUNTING YOUR YUGE WEALTH than the:

Originally Posted by specious_reasons View Post
What I wouldn't do is take pictures of the passengers in and by my chosen seat and post them publicly. That was the classless part. Whatever little sympathy I had for Coulter is totally gone.
So here's the stinky clickbait I probably should have posted and expanded on:
"Don't you fly first class, Princess?": Ann Coulter gets trashed for bratty Twitter meltdown over airline seat <-- complete with deliberately crappy photo!

And it's still going, though, and I'm not sure if this Washington Post article isn't sarcasm right down to the headline, or if it's clickbait trash too.

Delta tells Ann Coulter she can have her $30 back, but she won’t stop raging on Twitter - The Washington Post

A couple things I found hilarious, tho:
Delta says Coulter’s seat upgrade cost a mere $30, which the airline has promised to refund.

Coulter calculates things differently. Moving three seats down represented $10,000 in sunk time, she contends.
Yet she's still flying coach. :D

And bolding mine:
She defended her Twitter rant as “the picture of politeness” — and restyled her seating complaint as a struggle against fascism.
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