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Drinking Re: In Which We Brag About Our Petty Accomplishments

This is one of the many appropriate thrads for this so that, ergo, means it is the best appropriate place for this.

I've been working in a sheet metal shop. Setting aside how much I hate it, I'm equal parts perplexed and proud of this most pettiest of "accomplishments." I present to you my EDC, or in the parlance of the commoner(s), my "every day carry." The things I have and use most often in the course of my jerb duties. ( :secretlaugh: "doody")

Things you'd expect in a metal shop of this sort: The tape measure and metal gauge. Marking tools - the fat marker and the wax pencil. From this angle, you can't see that the thing upon which they are sitting is bent. I use that to hold the paper packages, the paperwork "cut plans" that accompany the "nest." On the top end it has a double bend to provide a handle, the binder clips and magnet (formerly a super strong magnet that was slightly degaussed by being tack welded) to hold the papers when I have to use a fan BECAUSE SUMMER IS REALLY HOT AND IT REALLY SUCKS.

But then that leaves the center franken-object. That little scraper thing is a finger saver. I use it to separate flat-laying metal from the conveyor belt, which is how it is delivered. The oddly perplexing/surprising thing about that is when everyone is impressed with how handy it is for that exact purpose. No. I'm not lying. I've had numerous people in the shop - long time operators not just newbs - say "hey, that's neat. i should get me one of those!" (Which no one ever does, so I'm p much alone in using this kind of tool for this purpose.) They all seem content to struggle or slide the parts to the edge of the belt before lifting them off. PEOPLE ARE WEIRD AND INSIST ON DOING SOMETHING THE VERY HARDEST WAY. Duck taped to the scraper is a center punch I use to pound out sticky slugs what didn't fall out of the parts during creation.
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