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Default Re: In Which We Brag About Our Petty Accomplishments

Some number of weeks ago my glasses went missing. I still have my sunglasses, so I'm okay outdoors during the day and driving and stuff, but I'm not cool enough to pull off glasses indoors for things like work and Magic the Gathering. So I've been squinting a lot and telling myself I need to make an appointment to get them replaced, but not actually doing so.

Well, yesterday when I was cleaning out some stuff in the house, I found 2 eyeglass cases in a file drawer. I was like "omg, are they backup glasses?" but I didn't get my hopes up because knowing me they were more likely to be backup cases. But they were glasses! Both of them! And they had lint-free cleaning cloths in them, too.

Hallelujah, I can SEE! And I didn't have to call anyone or go anywhere or spend money to make it happen.

Such petty. So accomplish. Wow.
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