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I wonder if game-plan is to cause massive amounts of disruption, which will help keep the opposition permanently on the backfoot.

Meanwhile you can encourage elements of the media to become a Trump bullhorn when they figure out there is good money to be made and ratings to be had spoonfeeding the fox news watchers alternative facts. You can clamp down on any possible source of criticism in the meantime - make them look behind the times, out of touch.

Then Trump will be the one element of relative stability while everyone around him is chasing last weeks flurry of strong-sounding executive orders that will be pretty hard to actually implement or translate into policy - does not matter if they don't make that much sense, they will mostly be last weeks news anyway, and if there is any inkling of one working out, you shout it from the rooftops.

Opposition groups simply won't have time to respond to the blizzard of alternative facts and new executive orders.

Keep the republicans happy: they get to strip the ACA, get rid of environmental regulations, defund planned parenthood, and shrinking government and reducing corporate taxes so they don't mind getting just as confused by this shitstorm as the dems.

it is going to be an interesting and possibly horrifying 100 days.
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