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Laugh Re: Venture Brothers

B T Dubs, since the season is almost over again already (:gah:) how much are we loving it?

I didn't love Serena at first but she has grown on me. That seems like kind of a nothing thing to throw out there about a season with a million things to talk about, but it's the case. :shrug:

I want to see a Warriana/Molotov Cocktease throwdown. I don't love a jealous lady trope in general, but Brock is def. worth getting jealous over and besides ... Warriana/Molotov Cocktease throwdown! :hyper:

Also, we love Dr. Mrs. The Monarch this season. bey pointed out early in the season that she doesn't have any superpowers or even crazy gadgets. She's just hella capable and ambitious and smart. She fucking kicks ass. I am super worried about the inevitable fallout when she finds out the Monarch is the BM (:shit::snicker:). First, she was totally betrayed, like really bad. Like he legit assaulted her in their very marriage bed*. Second, I can't imagine she wouldn't beat herself way up about it, his having been under her nose the whole time.

Okay, that's all I got so far, other than repeating hilarious shit like, "This is not growing back, I am not real gecko," and whatever the thing that Gary says about the avant-garde villains, "Oh, look at me, I'm so clever!" :lol:

In conclusion, I started peeking at r/venturebros yesterday and omg I almost fell down the rabbit hole. All kinds of crazy theories like Rusty and Malcolm** are clones, Vendatta is the Monarch's dad for some reason, and therefore was Vendatta the BM? Or was BM nobody's biological father on account of the Billie Jean King thing?

* He should have taken the hayride first. I mean, come on! She gets powerful lonely.
** "Who the fuck is Malcolm?" I wondered. It's the Monarch apparently. Who knew!
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